Next-Gen IP Services

  • Product I: Exclusive Patent Easy Reading Tool (ExPerT)
    Claims are restructured into easily readable format using:
    •  Symbols (★、● )
    •  Element nouns;
    •  Color separation
    •  Numeral references
    •  Identification symbol (<) for elements and
    ­­  complements of the claims
    •  Nouns gathering function

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    Product I: Exclusive Patent Easy Reading Tool (ExPerT)
    • Quick link button to related figures;
    • Specifically highlighted related figures within the specification
      for easy reading.

  • Product II: Intelligent Searching (i-Qsearching)
    • Target search function for primary element,
    ­­  secondary element and interrelationship of patent.


  • Product II: Intelligent Searching (i-Qsearching)
    • Providing co-occurrence terms as the suggestive keyword
    ­­  in relation to primary element nouns,
    ­­  secondary element nouns and interrelationship definitions.


  • Product III: Word Explaining Patent Landscaping (WEPAL)
    Automatic patent mapping & patent landscaping features such as:
    •  Patent amount;
    •  Year-to-year analysis;
    •  Country filed;
    •  Cross comparison of related patents;
    •  Related citations;
    •  Technical trend of the invention;
    •  Capability of patents.

  • Product III:
    Word Explaining Patent Landscaping (WEPAL)
    •  Allow quick creation of patent portfolio(s)
    ­­  for later date usage;
    •  Save & import data for research purposes.

Quick Reading of Patent Claims

Time for reading one patent claim is shortened from
more than one hour to less than 10 minutes

Quick and Accurate Patent Searching

We provide recommended search keywords to
scientifically perform a patent searching

Useful Automatic Patent Landscaping

A more complete Patent Landscaping is established
with word explanation

High Performance Service and Prompt Accurate Data Base

Integral Search® brings you the high performance of service because we see challenges from the same perspective as IP professionals’ and respond to clients’ needs with the most up-to-date technology. Advanced data access technology is employed to provide a smooth operation.

World Class Service in IP Field

All of our team members come from professional IP and software background and have worked among many business in their careers. It’s their expertise and experience that build the world class service in the IP field.

Our Service

INSEARCHIP® provides the most cutting-edge software to assist with your business by:

● Analyzing and re-arranging the most sophisticate of patent claims into an easy reading format; ­
● Carrying out intelligence patent search by using suggestive and relative keywords algorithm; ­  ­  ­
● Utilizing state-of-the-art patent landscaping assistive tool;      ­  ­  ­  ­             ­ ­                              ­  ­  ­  ­  ­  ­  ­  ­  ­  ­
● Managing multiple patent portfolios with few simple steps. ­  ­  ­       ­  ­        ­  ­            ­  ­  ­                       ­  ­  ­  ­  ­  ­

Main features of INSEARCHIP ®

  • Claim Easy Reading(CER) &

    Patent Easy Reading(PER)

    〉 Smart reformatting of complicated patents
    〉 Assistive tools for easy patent reading: figures quick link & color highlighting etc
    〉 Fast comparative analysis of prior arts and competitor’s patents

  • Intelligent Searching(i-Searching) &

    Intelligent Searching+(i-QSearching)

    〉 Suggestive and relative keywords search
    〉 Expansive patent search perimeter
    〉 Fast catalogue of infringer and competitor’s patents

  • Word Explaining Patent Landscaping(WEPAL) &

    Docketing of WEPA(Do-WEPAL)

    〉 Quick portfolio creation and management
    〉 Automatic patent landscaping and mapping
    〉 Effective evaluation and assessment of patents for R&D purposes

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