Exclusive Patent Easy Reading Tool (ExPerT)

  • Quick-link button to related figure for
    ­­easy revision.

  • Smart reconstruction of claims using symbol placement and color identifications.

  • Identified crucial elements of the claim such as: “comprising”, “including”, “having” and “providing”, etc.

  • Pinpoint verbs and particles defined in “wherein” and systematically pinpoint “wherein”.

  • Systematically used “and” and “comma” defined by “wherein”.

  • Hierarchically and sequentially displaying all definitions of respective block of patent claims

Instant Reading
for Patent Claim

A patent claim is dismantled hierarchically
by adding colors and symbols together with
reference numeral as well

Advanced and
Innovative Experience

Greatly reducing average reading time
for one patent claim from more than one
hours to less than 10 minutes


Several advanced functions for patent claim displaying are presented. We apply the innovative and advanced technology to dismantle a patent claim and presenting its hierarchical structure.

Reference Numerals in Patent Claims

We help a patent claim reader to save the reading time by collecting all reference numerals of patent claim.  A patent claim reader obtains this useful information automatically.

Hierarchically and Colorfully Displaying All Elements and Interrelating Definition of Patent Claim

All elements and interrelating definitions are displayed according to their hierarchical definition level, which means the patent claim is parsed by recognizing its structure of definition.

Aligned displaying all elements defined by “comprising”, “including”, “having” and “providing”, etc.

All elements defined by “comprising”, “including”, “having” and “providing” are hierarchically arranged at the same aligned position such that a reader can clearly understand what elements are defined to form a patent claim.

Systematized displaying verbs and particles defined in “wherein”
Systematized displaying “wherein”

Verbs and particles within a block of “wherein” are classified to each other. The structure of a patent claim becomes clearer. If a plurality of “wherein” are defined in a patent claim, these “wherein” are systematized by arranging their displaying positions according to their defining level.

Systematized displaying “and” and “comma” defined in “wherein”

Each “and” and “comma” are recognized to systematized display its defining level.

Hierarchically and sequentially displaying all definitions of respective block of patent claims

One block of patent claim is dismantled to a plurality of detailed definitions by hierarchically and sequentially displaying the detailed definition.


Together with reference numerals shown, Integral Search® takes a primary element as with a fundamental role. All elements are hierarchically displayed in an easy-to-read manner that each element is displayed with respective color such as Primary elements with gray/green color, Secondary elements with pink/orange color, and interrelating definitions are marked with “~”,i.e. tilde, for example. Integral Search® proves that the innovative displaying of claims is of great advantage for reading assistance.

Every single claim is reconstructed by adding (1)reference numerals; (2)coloring; and (3)specific symbol reconstructed in an such that the structure of claim is hierarchically and clearly displayed. This greatly facilitates your reading efficiency. There is no current product like this on the IP software market.


A patent claim is dismantled and displayed as a very clear image, by which a reader can clearly understand the details of the patent claim.


A patent claim reader can greatly save his/her time for patent claim reading from more than one hour in reading each claim to less than 10 minutes.


The hierarchical structure avoids a patent claim reader to misunderstand the meaning of a patent claim.


A patent claim reader can efficiently read a patent claim.

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