Intelligent Searching+ (i-QSearching)

  • Suggestive search based on related keywords of the element located with the claim

Suggest real useful keywords

We collect element nouns which coexist with the searching keyword and take the collected  element nouns as the suggested searching keywords, which are close to really practical keywords.

Provide searching direction

Increasing the efficiency by providing suggested keywords which are Patent-Related, and allows you to deduce/convert the searching by performing OR/AND on these suggested keywords.


Most really practical searching keywords are suggested.  The really practical suggested keyword are classified as element nouns and interrelating definitions.

Suggested keywords are really practical one that are used in real patents

We subvert the conventional keyword suggesting method which applies semantic similarity.  On the contrary, we collect patent’s real existing word for better searching.

The suggested keywords are element nouns and interrelating definitions

A user is guided by being provided with suggested keyword of element nouns and interrelating definitions.

Patent amount changes together with user’s decision

A patent amount is synchronously changed as the change of the suggested searching keywords that the patent searching user chooses.



All suggested keywords really exist in the patent world.


The patent searching is performed based on the real existing suggested searching keywords.


The patent searching can be focused on specific portions such as element nouns and interrelating definitions.

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