Patent Easy Reading (PER)

  • Full functions of Exclusive
    Patent Easy Reading Tool
    (ExPerT) allows quick access
    between patent claims,
    specification and
    related drawings.

  • Quick-link button to related figure/drawings.

Further Instant Reading for Patent Claim

In addition to the functions of CER, PER, there is also cross-reference among patent claim, specification and drawings within one patent.

Advanced and Innovative Experience

Greatly reducing average reading time for one patent claim from more than one hours to less than 10 minutes


Advanced functions for patent claim displaying are presented.  We apply more innovative and advanced technologies to connect a patent claim, a specification and drawings.

Cross-Reference between a patent claim, specification and drawings

We help a patent claim reader to incredibly shorten the reading time of a patent by providing function that a patent claim reader can cross-reference a patent claim and its corresponding specification content.

Patent Easy Reading (PER) features

Claim Easy Reading (CER) + a cross-reference among claims, specification and drawings

Patent Easy Reading (PER) features

The reference numeral is click to show the specification and drawings corresponding to that reference numeral



The cross-reference regarding a patent claim, specification and drawings simplifies the understanding of a patent.
The reading of patent becomes an easier job.


The cross-reference regarding a patent claim, specification and drawings accelerates the reading of a patent.


Displaying the cross-referenced patent claim, specification and drawings on the same displaying screen providing an interface that a patent reader can accurately understand a patent but less mistakenly read a patent.


A patent claim reader can more efficiently read a patent claim.

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