All of our products bring the most effective solutions to counter IP related issues that both large businesses and individual inventors encounter in the modern world with three distinctive software:

Exclusive Patent Easy Reading Tool (ExPerT)

• Automatically re-arrange patent claims into easily readable format by using unique color identifications and specialized paragraphing;
• Automatically link patent claims to its related figures/drawings using quick-link buttons;
• Automatically compile patent of the field of invention for quick revision;
• Auto-link to related prior arts;
• Providing conclusive and accurate summary of the invention;

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Intelligent Searching (i-Qsearching)

• Enable suggestive keywords search based on the analysis of the patent specification and claims;
• Smart search engine providing comparative search function using interrelating elements of patents.

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Word Explaining Patent Landscaping (WEPAL)

• Allows quick review of patent information for research and patent landscaping related purposes;
• Enable creation of patent portfolio(s) for later date usage.

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